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Moving Tips: Ease the Transition When You Move

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Moving homes can be hectic at the best of times, even for seasoned pros such as Realtors and home flippers. For those less than thrilled about the prospect of being in a new home with everything in boxes, navigating an unfamiliar home and neighborhood, these tips should help ease the transition.Mail & phone: Be sure to set up mail and phone forwarding with your local providers before you move. In this way, you will receive mail at your new address with no service disruption, and you can have your new phone working as soon as possible after you move in. You can also have your old phone line forward to your new one if your number has changed. Not only will this help you avoid missing calls and mail, but it will also help you feel more connected at a time of disorientation.Label boxes: For every box you pack, take a moment to write a few quick words in marker on the outside to identify the contents. In this way you can find things easily once you've moved. This is especially useful for necessities, which are best packed in their own box/es; this may include such things as tissues, flashlights, scissors, and anything else you think you'll need immediately. You may even want to pack in a few treats like a candle and lighter to use while you're unpacking, to create ambience, or some chocolates to munch on.Jewels and paperwork: For important things such as jewelry and paperwork like moving contracts, banking and private files, and passports, it is wise to carry them with you to ensure their safety and your privacy.Get tips: The previous homeowner or tenant will know the lay of the land, and can shorten your learning curve by giving you tips. From local amenities to the dwelling itself, take a few minutes if possible to get a quick tour from whoever enjoyed your new home before you did. Welcome wagon: Many communities offer a 'welcome wagon' or other service to welcome new residents, and this can often include coupons for local businesses, etc.. Why not take advantage of local hospitality?

Moving Tips: Ease the Transition When You Move

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