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How To Find The Best Fitting Earrings

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Earrings are a very popular way to spice up any wardrobe. They are one of the few accessories that can truly be tailored to wear at work or for social occasions. However, many people may wonder which type are best for them. There are several aspects people need to keep in mind, with neck length being a key factor. People should need to keep in mind that what looks good on the shelf may not match their personal appearance. Professional Evaluation When people go shopping for earrings, they should have a professional evaluate their neck length. Some people have enough judgement and experience to buy the proper style, and this will make it even easier. It is crucial for the customer to try on several different styles before making their purchase. People, who are fair skinned might really like a bright red shirt, but they will generally find that it does not look good on them. They will have to make similar choices when it comes to selecting earrings that are the best match. Best Fit People with shorter necks should stick with stud earrings. However, some people, with shorter necks, may be able to get away with earrings that dangle slightly. Those, who have longer necks are a little more fortunate. These people can pull off the stud or shorter styles, as well as longer dangling ones. The proportionality of earrings is what will gain the most compliments, not the style. People may still give compliments on earrings that appear out of proportion simply so they do not offend the person; however, most will believe that they look a little odd. Internet Distortions When people purchase earrings through a website they need to take a few precautions, as they will not be able to try them on for size. Most sites should have dimensions of the earrings and will typically show them being modeled. People should focus on the model's neck size and not just the earrings themselves. People do need to keep in mind that a website model's neck will look small on the screen. For this reason, people should take a mental note of what their neck would look like in a picture on the Internet. This will allow them to create a proportional picture; whereas, otherwise they might assume that the neck of the Internet model is proportional to their own. Role of Neck Length Neck length will also play a role in the neck width. People with a longer neck will likely have a neck that is less narrow. Those with a shorter neck will find that their neck is a little wider. These factors also need to be considered when choosing the proper style of earrings. However, a person's build and height can also have an effect on their neck size, as well as what style of earrings they should purchase. Someone who is really skinny will have a thinner neck than those who weigh a little more. In addition, as people age they will notice that their neck appears to stretch out with those wrinkles that everyone hates. People who are taller will be able to pull off longer earrings, as they will look more proportional. Conclusion Neck length is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when buying earrings. People may find this to be a road to disappointment in the beginning, especially if they find a pair that they love that will not look good on them. However, this is a relatively easy scenario to overcome, as people have to make choices based on their body build, skin tone and interests when purchasing anything else. People will also find that they will be able to get something very similar in design, but more proportional to their neck length with a little research. It simply cannot be stressed enough that people should get an honest opinion from a peer before making a purchase.

How To Find The Best Fitting Earrings

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