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Is Term or Whole Life Insurance Suited For You?

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In order to deal with life’s uncertainties in an effective manner, getting yourself life insurance coverage is one of the most prudent decisions you can make. However, with a host of policies out there it can be quite challenging to make a decision regarding which kind will suit you best. Essentially, life insurance policies boil down to a choice of whole life or term for individuals. Richard Cayne of Thailand’s leading financial consultancy firm Meyer International explains that while a term policy offers life coverage only, a whole life policy entails an investment component along with the term.Richard Cayne of Thailand mentions that most individuals would find a term life insurance policy to suit their needs better than a whole life policy. In case of a term policy, the amount is paid to a named beneficiary in the event of the death of the insured. However, in case of whole life insurance, the policy money is also invested in financial instruments to build cash value in the meanwhile. Richard Cayne of Thailand adds that both types of policies allow you to lock in a monthly payment that shall continue over the life of the policy.While initially a whole life insurance may look like a good deal with promises of the policy practically paying for itself after a certain period, the actual picture could be different. Richard Cayne of Thailand advises that whole life insurance policies may be more suitable for those who are looking at a tax benefit and prefer the more permanent type of insurance whole life policies offer. Richard Cayne of Thailand advises whole life policies to be beneficial for individuals who wish to plan and have provisions made for estate taxes.Richard Cayne of Thailand explains that a term policy also is a cheaper option for those with good health and under the age of 50, due to their affordable premium terms.   So if budget is a concern as is certainly for younger families in their 20s and 30s term insurance does provide security for the family should the unthinkable.  However, Richard Cayne of Thailand advises that one should always look into the credit rating of the insurance company to ensure it is a of financial strength, since it gives you an insight into their claim-paying abilities. Also, the help of a professional financial advisor should also be sought by individuals who may just be starting out or have tax issues in mind.Richard Cayne Meyer International Ltd resides in Bangkok Thailand.  He previously resided in Tokyo Japan for over 15 years.  The Meyer group of companies forms part of Asia Wealth Group Holdings which is a London UK listed financial services holding company.

Is Term or Whole Life Insurance Suited For You?

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