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Its All over Now

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Normal 0 When we weretottering tots, teetering on the brink of walking through the wilderness, whichwe later discovered was our back yard, the world was a fascinating andfantastic playground of wonder. No matter where our eyes ventured forth, therewas a kaleidoscope of colorful things that embellished our brain cells withawe, curiosity and the determination to touch it, smell it, taste it, andsometimes try to ingest it.  There waseven grass, fluttering butterflies, tall trees, and floating flowers.  Then, one day, we were gallivanting about inour playful paradise, and tiny wet things began to caress our skin, and we haddiscovered snow … it turned everything around us into the most beautifulpanorama of white wonder, and we began to run and romp around in it.  And before we realized it, we had grown to alater age, where our interests turned to other adventures…and as we lookedback, we seemed to ask – is that all there is? It’s all over now!       The next thing we became aware of was aplace the adults referred to as grade school, and we realized it also was fullof new wonders.  There were other smallfolks just like us, - some we liked a lot and some we did not like at all.  But it didn’t matter, for the teachers weretutoring us in such ways as how to read, to write, to color, and to speak in amanner that ever our parents could understand. We now knew that the tiny wet things were called snow, the tall thingswere trees, the fluttering things were butterflies, and the floating thingswere flowers…and found that we could count how many of them there were. Wecould now run faster, climb the trees, and learned new games to play.  Also, we now knew that the thing that movedwas a vehicle, and we could ride a bicycle on our own.  And time marched on as we grew, and as welooked back, we asked – is that all there is to grade school?  Its all over now!      High school had entered our life, and weonce again discovered new marvels to wonder about, such as; there were manyfolks before us as we discovered history, and realized we could play sports andmusical instruments.  We could conversewith others more intelligently on all types of subjects like chemistry, where wediscovered how nature built us, and everything else. There was astronomy, wherewe learned about stars, nebulas, novas, galaxies, quasars, and strange thingscalled black-holes. Also, drawing, where we learned to plan before webuild.  And we discovered that the girlstook on a whole new meaning, and the same for the girls about the guys.  We learned to dance to the music we began tolove.  Then, one day, we graduated, andlife became more complicated, and our mind seemed to ask = is that all thereis?  Its all over now!       A whole new world appeared before us,where we were of careers to earn a living, houses with mortgages, taxes,interest, and insurance.  The girls hadbecome even more interesting, and we suddenly needed them even more, so weasked them to marry us. And the same with the girls, for they said yes.  We now had children of our own, anddiscovered what we were like in our younger years.  And once again, we moved with time, and we seemed to ask – isthat all there is?  Its all over now!      Middle life had arrived, and we couldtravel to far-away places we had only read and wondered about in earlieryears.  New friends had replaced most ofthe old ones, and we talked about sports, our careers, our homes, a variety ofvehicles, and our children. We began to gain weight, and discovered parts ofour bodies that never ached before.  Weare walking slower, and some of our new friends were nurses and doctors.  And sure enough, the day arrived when ourchildren left home, and we gazed into the mirror and wondered what happened.And we seemed to ask –is that all there is? Its all over now!      Most of us go through all those stages inour lives, and my happy self is not unique, for I also asked – is that allthere is?   And one stormy and beautifulevening, I realized that it is not over now. There are still too many folks to meet, new books to read, new snow toplay in, new places to travel, and much more to learn.  So when I pass through that ebony tunnelinto a new dimension or universe, I am taking my curiosity with me --- for thecreator is going to give me my starship “imagination,” and I will discoverplaces I have never been before. Imagine what you will discover next! 

Its All over Now

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