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Entertainment awaits with a Netflix Free Trial

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You can’t visit a news website without hearing about the latest obstacle that Netflix has to overcome or the new competition this company faces. They made their name with the Netflix free trial and laid everything out to people. Try them out, and if you like what they do, then subscribe and get all our movies and television shows. Long before there was Hulu Plus and Amazon video, Netflix was paving the way for a brand-new way to watch television and movies. It has been around longer than its competitors have and has produced the benchmark that everyone else is attempting to meet.The Netflix DifferenceHulu was designed for television and still has primarily television shows available. Plus, there are commercials during shows even though you pay for the service. is quickly becoming the Wal-Mart of the Internet world. You can get everything from dog food and furniture to books and streaming movies. It’s like trying to get a movie from Costco. It’s big and compartmentalized. Netflix is all about television and movies. From the beginning, the company offered just DVDs by mail, but they also realized the power of streaming movies. Over time they trickled in until they have a library thousands strong.Original SeriesNetflix understood that if they wanted to compete and remain relevant, then they had to do something others didn’t. And so, they decided to produce and distribute their own original series in the hopes it would be enough to keep people subscribed. It started with Lilyhammer with Steven Van Zandt and that did well, but soared with House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey. Soon, Hemlock Grove followed and now they brought back a brand new season of the cult hit Arrested Development. They have led the way for an Internet-exclusive series and many of their competitors are following in their footsteps.Choose a PlanNetflix knows that you want simplicity when considering plans. There is a plan that is dedicated to just streaming movies and another plan that is specific just to movies-by-mail. You can even get a plan which offers access to both. There are several plans available to suit whatever needs you has scoured the Internet and found a one-month Netflix free trial code. Visit the site and start receiving the best entertainment available at your fingertips.

Entertainment awaits with a Netflix Free Trial

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