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What You Need to Know About Bail Bond in Rutherford County

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Posting of a bail bond in Rutherford County happens like in all other areas. It involves drafting of a contract by a bail agent and the individual posting bail. The defendant will show up when required by the courts and the bail bond acts as a legal assurance and guarantee of this fact. Failure to do this, attracts handsome penalties that the co-signer will be charged. The cosigner is liable in the cases where the defendant skips. The following is the reason why you need a bail bond; Bail Bond Rutherford County is used for assuring the attendance of a defendant in a court as his or her presence is called for. This may be produced either before or after conviction. It should be understood that bail bonds are not a form of punishment and neither are they a revenue source for the government. What happens to the bond money when defendant turns up in court? What usually happens once the bail bond has served its purpose, the surety is released from obligation of the bond. This occurs with the termination of the proceeding or the return of the defendant to custody. In a case where the defendant is convicted and sentenced to imprisonment, then the bail bond surety terminates. This means that no money is received back in bail bond compensation in Rutherford County. In the case where a defendant skips bail, the depositor has the right to request for his or her arrest in order to ascertain future appearances in a court of law. When same one is faced with charge dismissal, It is expected that exoneration follows the dismissal of the criminal charge and as such, the bail bond should be refunded. There are however a few exceptions where the prosecuting agency may re-arrest the defendant within the given period. In such circumstances, no money is received from the bail bond company in Rutherford County. It is important to understand how bail bonds work especially in Rutherford County in order to avoid unnecessary inconveniences with the court system. It pays to be properly informed on such matter.

What You Need to Know About Bail Bond in Rutherford County

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