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10 Termite Treatment Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid

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Professional exterminators had enough of homeowners aggravating the termite infestation situation. Termite treatment mistakes cost households more money than they expect and this can happen to you too if you unintentionally disrupt the treatment approach.These errors are understandable since most homeowners like you don’t know what to watch out for. Here, I listed the ten most common mistakes before, during, and after a termite treatment that you should avoid:DOING DIY TREATMENTS BEFORE CALLING A PROFESSIONAL PEST CONTROL COMPANYEveryone wants to save money, and with the cost of termite treatment, homeowners might as well treat the infestation by themselves. But this DIY method doesn’t always work, and if it does, it’s a short-term solution. The problem isn’t using the right chemical, but doing the right method. YouTube can surely give tutorials, but it will not teach you every aspect of diagnosing, formulating and applying a customized termite approach.You should understand that termite infestation is not like a plumbing task. If you don’t let the professionals do the job, you’re risking the integrity of your estate. In the long run, it will cost you more money than what you’re reluctant to spend for a decent termite treatment company.MAKING REPAIRS/EXPANSION IN THE HOUSE THAT DISRUPTS THE TREATMENTDoing an expansion or repairing a part of your house can ruin the soil treatment or bait system the exterminators set up. Digging your lawn for additional plumbing or replacing treated wood will increase the chances of a recurring termite colony.Anyway, if you do plumbing in treated soil, you don’t just jeopardize the treatment, but also the safety of your family. The chemicals in the soil can mix with your water supply.PILING UNTREATED WOOD INSIDE OR OUTSIDE THE HOUSEThe reason why you pay for treatment is to starve termites of possible hideouts and food. So if you’re so complacent to pile untreated wood materials inside the house or on your lawn, you’re just throwing your money away.If you plan to change your fence or any wood in the house, let it be treated first. You can use vinyl wood to avoid this termite treatment mistake.FORGETTING TO REDUCE THE MULCH IN YOUR GARDENYes, the interior of your house is protected with the treatment, but leaving the breeding grounds on your yard will allow this pest to wait until the chemicals wear off. Even if the pest will not attack your home, chances are it will eat the wood in your garden or make a network going to the neighborhood.You don’t have to totally remove mulch since its good for your flowers. Just keep it to a minimum and don’t let it sit stagnant for a long time especially during the rainy season.FAILING TO MONITOR OR DO REGULAR CHECK-UPSA termite treatment is not a one-time-big-time practice. Your business with the Pest Control Canberra company doesn’t stop after the treatment session. Some companies usually advise quarterly or annual check-ups depending on the type of treatment used. It’s like keeping regular contact with your doctor after a sickness.Termite treatment chemicals usually last for about five years. Even though, it can protect you that long, termites can always find gaps in your house. I suggest that you enquire about the termite monitoring system on your pest control company or schedule a fixed yearly termite audit on your household.Anyway, relying on professionals alone for termite removal is not good. You should take part by keeping a close eye on the early signs of termite recurrence.NOT TREATING THE ENTIRE HOUSEMany homeowners would do everything to cut the cost of termite treatment. With that, they decide to treat only a portion of the house where termites seem to concentrate. This is almost the same as having no treatment at all.Yes, there will be killed termites, but those surviving will just transfer to another part of your house with the right moisture and wood. Also, termites can reproduce easily and they can add more workers from their colony outside your house.NOT CLEANING UP TREE STUMPS OR FIREWOODHaving the treatment may make you feel invincible of termites but without your knowledge, you’re committing a termite treatment mistake. I suggest that you remove old tree stumps and firewood first before letting yourself indulge in peace of mind. Even if the termites near your yard and house died, some survivors can take refuge on the misty stump to plan their revenge.If you can’t get rid of stacked firewood, just make sure that you don’t leave it undisturbed for a couple of days. Also, don’t stack it near your house.ENTERTAINING “SECRET FORMULA” OF A COMPANYTermite companies will always come up with gimmicks to sell their services. One of these is the “secret formula” offer.Though this sounds good with restaurants, the secret formula in termite treatment is a no-no. They use fully licensed chemicals in termite extermination.WAITING FOR THE INFESTATION TO GET WORSEDon’t dismiss mud tubes just because it’s only a foot long. You may not know it but the entire colony could already be hiding in your attic or some places hidden. If you wait for more visible signs of infestation, there’s a high chance that the damage is already deep-seated.The result will be bigger treatment costs and compromised integrity of your house. Make yourself a big favor by hiring exterminators on the early signs of termites.CHOOSING THE WRONG PEST CONTROL COMPANYDiagnosing early will not be effective prevention if you have incompetent exterminators doing the job. I suggest that you hire one that has been in the business for 10-20 years already or ask friends for suggestions so you can guarantee their service. There are online reviews that you can refer to as well as complaints history on your locality.Again, don’t settle for the cheapest find. They could be using fewer chemicals than what they should have or they’re inexperienced pest control, guys.Professional extermination is the perfect solution to infestation only if you won’t disrupt the method. You can ask the pest control company of the things to avoid so you’ll not commit these termite treatment mistakes.If you succeed in evading these errors, you can save thousands of bucks and help lessen Australia’s billions of losses due to this pest’s infestation.

10 Termite Treatment Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid

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