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Millwright Jobs in Canada | Pure Staffing Solutions

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Millwright Jobs in CanadaMillwright is a high-precision skilled tradesperson or craftsman who installs, reassembles, repairs, dismantles & moves machinery in construction sites, power plants and factories. The main function of a millwright is the construction of fulling mills, flour mills, paper mills & sawmills powered by wind or water.ABOUT MILLWRIGHT JOBSMillwrights install, repair, maintain and troubleshoots mechanical equipment and industrial machinery in sites such as recreational facilities, production plants and factories.Millwright JobsWhat Millwright job demand?Millwrights jobs require working at heights without having fear, uses of logical step-by-step procedures at work, within standards of accuracy or precise limits, solving problems, decision-making and planning based on quantifiable information, perform operational and predictive procedures, operate rigging equipment to place parts and heavy machinery.Average Salaries for Millwright JobMillwright job salaries will mostly depend upon the place where you work. There is a high demand of Millwrights in Canada. Their salaries ranges between $21 and $36 per hour (or annually about $44,000 to $76,000) with high end of the scale for experienced workers.You may start at the entry pay level as an apprentice. You may work under the supervision of best journey person & earn salaries as you learn and grow. As the exact duties of a millwright varies depending on whether they are unionized or ionized, union rules are typically more restrictive than the non-union situations.

Millwright Jobs in Canada | Pure Staffing Solutions

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