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Types of Live in Care Services in the United Kingdom

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Live-in care is an extremely important type of care that provides you with the transition from independence to facility services. The live-in care is needed to help the people get used to having a helping hand around and in getting simple assistance before they move to a facility for help. Some just use Live-in care services until the end of their life which can often be good but sometimes not the best option, it depends on your situation.Types of care:Domiciliary CareDomiciliary care is normally deemed to be the most common live-in care service, it is for the simple care work and house-keeping. A Domiciliary carer also provides companionship and is built around the clients need.It can include things like keeping to a schedule, waking up, getting clothes washed, food cooked or having your dishes washed.Old Age CareThe Old Age care providers help and assist the people who are too old and fragile to take care of their own needs. This includes people who are now extremely fragile and can hurt themselves while trying to care for themselves.A fall at an older age can be deadly for the elderly. This can include assistance in washing self, brushing, showers, going to the bathroom, eating, cleaning, companionship, general housekeeping, etc.Dementia CareDementia and Alzheimer’s disease is one of the biggest issues for the UK population as they grow over the age of 60, it affects every 8th person in the UK and the numbers are growing as new age is going into overdrive.The use of Dementia care is to provide assistance and help in activities that become impossible for the Dementia patient as time goes on. These patients need to Live in Care services in the beginning but need to be admitted to the facility afterwards.Physical Disability CarePeople with Physical disabilities can have a hard time living their life without assistance, these can be due to accident of birth, it is important to have a helping hand for such people because it can be very hard for the family alone to provide care.Temporary careTemporary injuries are normally obtained during accidents and sports; it can be hard to deal with things in everyday life without any issues If you have a broken leg or an arm. This is why it is important to have Live-in care services to help you through the time period where you need to stay off the injury or need bed rest.End of Life CareEnd of life care is the companionship and living assistance needed by the elders who cannot do much by themselves and need assistance at the end of their life for comfort. Verrolyne Services says that it is important to provide your clients with the choice to make decisions and to always know that they are capable of making decisions.

Types of Live in Care Services in the United Kingdom

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